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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Problem trying to upload files using WikiWizard
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 16:28:45 GMT
> So for the moment I have no solution, right? It's not a great deal,  
> thank you anyway. But it's a pity not to have some support in this.  
> I don't understand, it seems that a few people use JSPWiki, but  
> it's great. I can't understand it. It's much more better than  
> Twiky, Xwiky and some other wikies.

Thanks heaps :-)

WikiWizard was not developed as a part of JSPWiki; it's a separate  
effort which we just adopted.  However, there was some discussion  
with someone who wanted to take control of its development, but I  
can't recall who it was.  Perhaps they could announce themselves on  
this list?

> Also during the support search I have seen strange things. For  
> example, a lot of plugins and skins are only developed for 2.4.x  
> releases, but there is almost nothing for 2.6.x family. Why people  
> don't change to the latest version? Why the developers don't adapt  
> their plugins/themes to the last stable version? There are a lot of  
> plugins that I'm interested in, but I cannot install because there  
> is no version for 2.6.x releases.

Plugins *should* work in 2.6 also!  Skins, however, might not (but  
you could try).

Otherwise I have no real answer - but since most of the plugins are  
open source, you (or someone else) could easily start a porting effort.

> Sorry, a lot of questions, but I am very interested in JSPWiki. I  
> have a last one: what about the JSPWiki 3.0 and WW2? Where they  
> will be released? Where can I read about it's development status?  
> What changes are in sight?

JSPWiki 3.0 has no release schedule yet.  It'll be ready when it's  
ready :-).  However, you can already take a look at the JIRA and see  
all the things which are tagged for 3.0.


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