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From Hassan Schroeder <>
Subject Re: Problem starting JSPWiki over Windows XP
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 15:02:05 GMT
> I'm thinking about one question: The server and clients are inside a
> corporate network. Maybe the webmaster of the domain has changed
> anything in the domain configuration blocking the 8080 port... Can
> you help me in a easy way to change the listening port for Tomcat?

It's easy enough to check that -- telnet $hostname 8080 -- but it
seems unlikely that's the problem, given the log snippet you posted.
(Also easy enough to change -- look for the Connector element in
server.xml with the port currently set to 8080 and edit it.)

Anyway, for starters:

You originally mentioned XAMPP and a "Tomcat plugin" -- I have no
idea what this "Tomcat plugin" would be, so let's start with what
version of Tomcat are you running, with what JVM?

The snippet of log you posted shows a startup failure -- post the
part immediately before you (or something!) restarted it, through
the failure message.

The "UserDatabase" is the default XML authentication used by Tomcat;
see $CATALINA_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml. It's possible something
corrupted it, since TC loads it into memory and rewrites it on exit.
You can easily check that it exists and is valid, of course.

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