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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Lost page contents
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:10:39 GMT

It sounds like it might be related to this issue: https://, which is BTW the only known  
dataloss issue.

If you can add any further information to it (or even fix it), it  
would be awesome.  I don't know enough to replicate it.


On 11 Mar 2008, at 00:01, Steve Dahl wrote:

> Two weeks ago, running JSPWiki 2.6.1, our wiki twice lost the  
> contents of the Main page. All that was left was a single line  
> break. No one was editing the Main page at the time, and there's  
> nothing in the log file about an edit of the Main page having been  
> saved at that time. The user who's listed as modifying the page  
> (different users each time) says he wasn't working on that page at  
> the time.
> We had a few weeks of success, and then it happened again twice  
> today. Again, the log is not explicit about the Main page being  
> modified.
> Of the four times this has happened, three times some other page  
> has been renamed at the same time, and the fourth time some other  
> page was edited at almost the same time as the modification time of  
> the Main page. I'm not sure whether any of those are significant or  
> just coincidences.
> If this has not already been reported, what's the next step for  
> tracking this down? Would increasing the level of detail in the log  
> be likely to help?
> Given that this happens infrequently, I don't expect to be able to  
> trap it very quickly, but if it's going to keep happening, we don't  
> want to write it off as a one time thing.

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