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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: bundles and templates.default
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 15:15:52 GMT
You are raising two different issues:
- whether users should be able to choose the template at run-time
- whether each template should be able to specify the location of its  
i18n bundles

The answer to the first issue could go either way, although I lean  
against it. The default template allows users to change their 'skin  
(CSS)', not the template. If you meant "allow users to change their  
skin", then nothing about the default i18n location will prevent skin- 
changing in any way. So the setBundle issue is completely separate  
from template-changing.

Absence or presence of setBundle tags in the default template doesn't  
affect you using them in custom templates, so the second question is a  
non-issue too. In other words, even if we specify the default location  
in web.xml, you can still override it via your own setBundle tags.  
This is, in fact, what 2.6 does now.

On Mar 6, 2008, at 3:09, "" < 
 > wrote:

> Hi.
> I just noticed in changelog of latest nightly the following:
> 2007-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>
>       * Reverted the JSP changes from my last commit so that  
> existing 2.6 deployments
>       don't need to reconfigure web.xml. That commit removed the  
> fmt:setBundle tag
>       because of the addition of a servlet config parameter in  
> web.xml. The web.xml
>       modifications remain, however, so that any new JSPs won't need  
> to use setBundle.
>       For 2.8, we will remove the setBundle tags entirely.
> 2007-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>
>       * [JSPWIKI-195]: Superfluous WEB-INF/i18n directory created  
> during war build.
>       Also, several unneeded JARs were also being included.
>       * Eliminated the need to hard-code <fmr:setBundle> tags in  
> JSPs by setting
>       the web.xml <comtext-param>  
> javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.fmt.localizationContext
>       so that it points to templates.default. Removed the setBundle  
> tags from
>       all JSPs.
> I see a possible problem here. If the bundle is expected to be set  
> in the web.xml (and references within jsp removed) how
> it can be managed to have multiple templates and choosing them  
> through user preferences? Fixing the template within
> a given JSPWiki instance may be acceptable (not so sure) but in that  
> case it should not be possible for users to choose
> their preferred one. Or is there any other expected way to manage  
> this?
> LG

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