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From 高建民 <>
Subject Questions about JSPWiki internationalization
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:51:49 GMT
Hi Guys,

I was new to JSPWiki and was trying to add a Simplified Chinese 
localization resource to my JSPWiki installation (2.6.0). I failed to 
get the localized wiki pages after I added my translated resources (in 
Unicode escape sequences) to the folder <JSPWiki-Home>/WEB-INF/i18n. The 
language setting in my browser was set to 'zh-cn' already.

However, if I add my localized resources to 
<JSPWiki-Home>/WEB-INF/classes/ directory while following the directory 
structure in i18n folder, I can view the localized pages correctly.

My questions are:
        Does the folder "<JSPWiki-Home>/WEB-INF/i18n" really work in 
running environment in terms of internationalization support?
        Do I have to add my localization resources to 
"<JSPWiki-Home>/WEB-INF/classes/" directory in order to have i18n feature?
        Is there any information about how i18n works in current JSPWiki 

Thank you & Best Regards

David Gao (

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