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From "Christophe Dupriez" <>
Subject French localization of JSPWiki
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:00:33 GMT

I just installed the french localisation of JSPWiki for:
To test French localisation, you have to put French as your prefered language in your browser.

You probably know that "Tu" (you to one person) is a very "familiar" way to interact with
a person in French.
It is more for "equal to equal discussion" and not for "formal discussion".

Specifically, a robot (a computer) saying "Toi", "Tu", "Ton" is not acceptable to oldtimers
like me.
Robots have to remain formal.
Authors may choose to become "familiar" with the reader (computer being only a medium) but
this applies only to "authors talks": "system messages" are not coming from an individual,
from the author.
By essence, a Wiki, a "We key" is a collective work: it is not a blog, an individual communicating
to others.

I also have problems with UTF-8 decoding of messages (this may be the fault of my modifications
to support UTF-8 in WikiNames).
Parameters like {0} does not always work either (See the myPreferences tag in my modified
2.6.1 version).

So what the (french speaking) community thinks is the best for french localisation: "Tu/Toi"
or "Vous"? "Ton" or "Vos"?
I may then propose a modified localisation for 2.6.1... By the way, what is necessary to make
and keep french localisation part of the core JSPWiki distribution?


Christophe Dupriez
Centre Antipoisons-Antigifcentrum +

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