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From Olaf Kock <>
Subject Re: POLL: JDK 1.5
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2008 20:02:52 GMT

definitely, as 2.6 ist "just out" and paralell installation of multiple
jdks is not a problem, it should be no problem, even if anyone is
"still" on older versions. Enterprises desperately requiring the newest
version of JSPWiki (when it is out) should have no problems either
providing a separate environment (read server) for an application (just
declare the required jdk, possibly with tomcat, as part of the JSPWiki
installation) or install multiple jdks in parallell, which is also no
problem. I'm glad that JSPWiki does not require the latest and greatest
dotnet environment :)

For the same reason I'd also second Fabian Haupt about requiring Java6.
Somehow I'd like to increase the pace of Java upgrades in the field...


Janne Jalkanen schrieb:
> +1 : JDK 1.5 is not a problem, go ahead
> 0 : I don't care - my current system is 1.4 but I can upgrade
> -1 : I am on 1.4 and cannot upgrade.

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