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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Permission problems with OC4J standalone
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 20:50:28 GMT
> If you're referring to the following excerpt, I don't see any  
> reason for not
> using OC4J for the purposes of testing the deployment issues that  
> JSPWiki
> has with OC4J. GPL only applies to released material.

*distributed* material.

> You're not releasing
> any software, let alone combined software resulting from both gpl  
> code and
> oracle's. There's no possible way you're creating obligations for  
> Oracle or
> (purportedly) grant any rights to it's IP. But then again, I'm not  
> a lawyer.

I am not a lawyer either, which is why I am not taking the risk :-)

> Even though I understand the pleasure of staying out of proprietary  
> fuss, I
> really don't see a problem here. Anyway, the call is your's. It's  
> your time
> and effort, offcourse.

I think we'll wait until we get the Apache-licensed version.  Then  
there should be no issue.


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