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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: JDK 7 for JSPWiki?
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2013 21:17:48 GMT
Hi Ichiro,

> And yes, it's possible to pay for support from Oracle after the EOL
> date, indefinitely if desired.
> For example, one can purchase Oracle Premium or Extended Support but
> it is important to note that none of the paid support agreements
> provides any additional updates to Java following five years after
> the GA date [1]. So while you may get support for various Oracle
> products, no matter how much you pay you don't get additional support
> for Java.

not quite. There are different periods. Right after the "end of public update" period, you
still get updates if you have a support contract. This means, you can download new JDK/JRE
6uXX releases, which are published regularly. At the moment, I think 6u51 is the latest. These
do contain bug and security fixes as usual. I think this period is named "extended support".

> So none of this alters the points I made about security and
> supportability. As there will be no bug or security fixes after the
> EOL date anyone using Java 6 at this point is now (for those
> purposes) without real support (i.e., updates). If there's a
> security vulnerability the only option is to update to Java 7.

... as long as you don't want to pay for support, yes. But data centres usually have a support
contract, so the "end of public updates" to them is only a warning sign which tells them to
start to think about migration to the next version.

> While I can appreciate taking a conservative approach to software
> updates, I guess if the team feels we can't move off of an EOL'd
> version of Java even after the very significant changes of moving
> from to ASF this then remains a question for the team:
> when does everyone think we can move to Java 7, released in 2011?
> How many more years?

:-) Your idea of conservative is a developer's. Have a look at Java 7 from a production perspective:
Since when has it really been ready for production use? In this case, 2011 is not the answer,
I'd say.

> And yes, I do find this a bit off-putting, as someone just now
> digging deep into the rather craggy old code. This is after all
> *wiki* software, not some heavily-integrated middleware. There's a
> lot of work to be done to refactor and update the code and I can't
> see investing significant time and energy making significant
> alterations if we are to remain with Java 6, i.e., I'd probably just
> wait until the team decides to move to Java 7 before diving in
> further.

Are there really that essential features in Java 7? The parts in the JSPWiki code I can think
of, would already look much better in Java 6 style, using generics for example.


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