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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Missing updates to language files...
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 16:31:33 GMT
I'll go ahead and tweet for help--it's easier to get it when you have 
just a few translation sentences missing than waiting until it becomes a 
major undertaking. Besides, it might introduce some new people to our 

We may wish to pull out Finnish, as Janne is inactive and Finns are so 
rare, but who knows, maybe a good tweet or two can lure a translator 
in.  Problem is with Finnish, the language is so distant from anything 
else that if we get a practical jokester giving us bogus translations we 
might not be able to detect it--although maybe Google Translate can 
catch any severe mistranslations.  I'd like us to just stick with major 
languages that have a large pool of people available to translate for 
us, and minor languages only when we have a current committer willing to 
maintain it for us.

The folder structure you're describing i18n with submodules underneath 
it sounds good, but again, I really dislike having that separate -en 
translation which is just a copy of the default translation module, and 
hope you have the time sometime to construct JSPWiki so it is no longer 
necessary.  Maybe I can figure it out...


On 06/02/2013 10:43 AM, Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez wrote:
> Hi,
> that build failed b/c of UndefinedPagesPluginTest#testCount; right now
> don't know if the Jenkins node that launched the build was having stale
> data (probably from prior ant builds) mangling the build, or just that test
> depending on execution order. I've just wiped out the workspace so the next
> build should run fine.. if I'm not mistaken, that is.
> As for SiteGeneratorTest, it uses o.a.w.TranslationsCheck, which was an
> utility class to check for missing resources inside Eclipse.
> SiteGeneratorTest is another utility class to update some pages of the site
> (i.e.:
> and, as it expects some directory structure outside the build, it doesn't
> make any asserts, just outputs a lot of noise.
> As for the incomplete translations, right now they're almost complete (more
> or less 3 to 10 entries missing per language out of ~800), so I'd prefer to
> leave them in svn, at least until they're far more incomplete, let's say
> below 90%? What we should do, appart from the appeal, is to move them to a
> specific module (jspwiki-i18n-de, jspwiki-i18n-en, and so on under
> jspwiki-i18n), WDYT?
> br,
> juan pablo
> On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 3:26 PM, Harry Metske <> wrote:
>> If we want to wait for all these languages to get complete again, that can
>> take a long time. They are broken for a long time already.
>> Only English, Spanish and Dutch is properly maintained, but we could do an
>> appeal (on twitter) of course.
>> regards,
>> Harry
>> On 2 June 2013 15:14, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
>>> Hi team, JSPWiki tests are failing (**
>>> job/JSPWiki/126/console<
>>> search on "SiteGeneratorTest") because of a very small amount of
>>> translation updates needed in Mandarin, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese,
>>> Italian, French, Finnish, and German--I guess I should (1) remove the
>>> superfulous translations (those in the foreign language but not in the
>> main
>>> English file) reported and (2) create a GitHub "GIST" (web page of sorts)
>>> listing what we're missing (or should they be separate JIRAs or?--not
>>> everyone has a JIRA account though) and (3) make appeals via Twitter for
>>> people knowledgeable in any of those seven languages to provide
>>> translations?

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