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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject User Preferences page not working in Mavenized WAR
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2013 14:27:10 GMT
Hi Team, I'll look more into it (hopefully someone else might quickly 
see the error though), but the User Preferences page ("My Prefs" in 
upper-right corner) works with the Ant WAR but not the Maven WAR.  The 
app returns this error with the latter:

"JSPWiki has detected an error

Error Message
     in is null
Place where detected, line 100 "

I'm not getting any additional logging messages from either the JSPWiki 
log or the Tomcat catalina.out log file.  I don't think this page ever 
worked with the Mavenized version, this was just the first time I 
noticed it.  I've done a "diff -r" on the expanded Ant and Maven JSPWiki 
WARs (as well as the underlying JSPWiki JAR), there are very few 
differences reported:

1.) Some minor naming differences with very few of the JARs -- Maven has 
a few more JARs than the Ant version, and the same JAR can have a 
different names in some cases between the two WARs, I'll standardize 
more where I can on the JARs next.

2.) The compressed JavaScript and CSS files are different (hard to say 
how much) -- the YUICompressor tool version we're using for that is 
newer in Maven and maybe the new compression is causing problems with 
the JSP rendering.

Another possible issue is that I'm missing some security or 
user-specific configuration in the Maven WAR (which could be why the 
other pages are rendering but not this user-specific one.)


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