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From Harry Metske <>
Subject Re: Contributing Plugins
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 05:42:31 GMT
I fully agree with Glen on this.
Nothing more to add

kind regards,

On 13 March 2013 04:36, Glen Mazza <> wrote:

> On 03/12/2013 07:36 PM, Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez wrote:
>> Hi Jürgen (et all),
>> apologies on not creating the JIRA component yet, had a real busy week..
>> I've just asked on general@i.a.o about his and they've kindly pointed me
>> to
seems to fit a
>> lot better than an undetermined number of JIRAs (we get svn, issue
>> tracker,
>> downloads section, etc.).
>> So, I see two possibilities:
>> 1.- we can create one jspwiki-[contrib|extras|**whatever] project there,
>> and
>> grant commit access to whoever asks. We add a link on the website. This
>> way
>> contributions will be easier to track, look at, and promote
> Hi Juan, actually, whomever has a plugin can create their own Google Code
> or GitHub site for it, and we can just add a link to it on our Apache
> webpage (AFAICT, we just need to create a "plugins" page which links to the
> various external plugin sites.)  At a later date, once we get the website
> issues nailed down, we can look at incorporating some/all of them in the
> Apache JSPWiki base code, once the donator supplies us a JIRA patch with
> Apache-licensed documentation.
> I don't believe we want to be managing any more websites (with their
> associated SVN/issue tracker/downloads, etc.) than we absolutely have to.
>  If we're in the business of granting write access it follows we end up
> being sort of responsible for whatever somebody places there (copywrited
> code, for example), as well as the general risks of person A messing up
> person B's code.
>> 2.- whoever wants to develop his/her extension(s) opens a project in
>> there,
>> labelling it at least with "jspwiki". We add a link to the tag on the
>> website. This option is easier to set up, as anyone anytime can open a new
>> project, not depending on anyone to start his/her project, but linking to
>> a
>> tag will decrease its visibility (i.e.: it's difficult to see at a glance
>> what are the different projects at
>> search?q=label%3aMaven<>
>> )
> I like this idea much more, let the donator create his own Google
> Code/GitHub site (they don't even need to put jspwiki in the name), and
> just inform us about it for us to add it to the  the Apache JSPWiki
> website's new plugins page.  (We can provide a link to the plugin and a
> 1-or-2 sentence description of it.)  I don't see how its visibility can be
> decreased that way, because the page to look at to find *all* plugins will
> be the Apache JSPWiki plugins page. Those plugins might link to 20
> different URLs, it won't matter, they will still all be listed together on
> that page.  Besides, some like GitHub, some like Google Code, some like
> ???....
> Even if you went with (1), you'll still potentially going to have several
> hosting their plugins on different sites because they don't want the others
> to be altering their source code while they're developing it.  So the
> plugins page on will still be having the full list of all
> external plugins we're aware of, because only that page will be pointing to
> all the places where the plugins are hosted.
> Regards,
> Glen
>  I'm more inclined to option #1 but, @all, WDYT?
>> br,
>> juan pablo
>> On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez <
>>> wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>> I'd prefer a Jira per plugin. I'll create a "Contributions" component on
>>> Jira this afternoon, so we can reach all contributed
>>> plugins/filters/templates/**whatever from one URL
>>> Also, another possibility could be set up a jspwiki-extras account on
>>> github/google code/etc., granting commit access per request (something
>>> similar to what is done on Jenkins). @all: WDYT?
>>> br,
>>> juan pablo
>>> On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Jürgen Weber <> wrote:
>>>  Hi,
>>>> is r/o now, so, how does one contribute plugins nowadays?
>>>> Create a jira for each plugin and add the source? Or have a meta Jira
>>>> that contains all contributed plugins?
>>>> Thx, Juergen

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