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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: retiring the changelog file
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2013 20:51:46 GMT
Hmm, I see: 

I like changes.xml more because it has a structure to it--moving to this 
might be better after we Mavenize (however, might not help us so much 
because the technology we use to generate our website wouldn't directly 
create a website page for us like it does for Commons Email.)  Still, 
most Apache projects AFAICT don't bother anymore with change files, but 
as long as it's useful for at least some team members I'm OK with it.

Questions, Siegfried: how is the above changes.xml created, it is 
completely manual or partly autogenerated from JIRA (I'm assuming the 
former)?  Also, is one required to open up a JIRA  every time someone 
makes a change to the source code, or that's not a strict requirement?

I know CXF relies on JIRA alone for the release notes:  The website 
release notes link ( 
has people go directly to JIRA for a list:

As for naming team members, Apache Syncope and Commons Email apparently 
both keep that info in their pom.xml (like they do the mailing address 

...which automatically populates their Team page (and mailing list page) 
when they generate their website:  (out-of-sync right now as they 
are waiting for a new release before republishing their website).

However, this of course wouldn't be applicable for us yet because we're 
not yet on Maven (I'm trying, I'm trying... :) and we again use a 
different technology from Commons Email or Syncope in generating our 

Thanks for the info,

On 01/26/2013 03:07 PM, Siegfried Goeschl wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I would suggest to move the content into a "changes.xml" which is the 
> input of a HTML report when the site is generated (using Maven). It is 
> also a good place to name contributors ... :-). It can be also used to 
> generate parts of the release notes.
> Check out
> Cheers,
> Siegfried Goeschl
> On 26.01.13 11:55, Harry Metske wrote:
>> -0.5
>> I have always found this Changelog a very convenient mechanism of 
>> searching
>> for "what has changed when in what version".
>> You have it one file, easily searchable and scrollable.
>> The overhead is minimal, always cut/paste the Changelog update to the
>> commit log.
>> I agree that mentioned links provide all information (and more), but 
>> not so
>> easy to search, you always have to click a hundred times before you find
>> what you want.
>> kind regards,
>> Harry
>> On 25 January 2013 03:29, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
>>> Hi team, we have a "ChangeLog" file in the root folder that is 
>>> apparently
>>> (?) updated whenever someone makes a commit.  I don't see a need for 
>>> it,
>>> and none of the other Apache projects I'm aware of bothers with such 
>>> a file
>>> -- it's annoying needing to update it and it just seems to be 
>>> unnecessary
>>> overhead.  Can we get rid of it?
>>> So long as you make comments when you commit, here is a 100.0%
>>> authoritative and chronological list of all commits made and what they
>>> involve:
>>> http://mail-archives.apache.**org/mod_mbox/incubator-**
>>> jspwiki-commits/201301.mbox/**browser<>

>>> And of course the SVN repository details the changes made to each 
>>> specific
>>> file fully and accurately:
>>> webdocs/Error.jsp?view=log<>

>>> Finally, JIRA nicely provides us a list of commits per release:
>>> selectedTab=com.atlassian.**jira.plugin.system.project%**3Achangelog-panel<>

>>> That should be good enough for us.  WDYT?
>>> Regards,
>>> Glen

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