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From Harry Metske <>
Subject Re: changes in WikiPlugin API
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:14:15 GMT
Juan Pablo,

I have no preference over the two options.
I personally don't know of any plugins that will get broken, but maybe
other people on the list can comment on that, so we hopefully  get a better
picture of what we might break.

kind regards,

On 26 November 2012 23:08, Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> picking up with a few weeks old thread, regarding the WikiPlugin's API: the
> question was if it was possible to generify the WikiPlugin API (more
> specifically, the parameters Map), and to what extent. So, my findings so
> far:
> WikiForms, a special type of WikiPlugins are built up with using
> Map<String, String>
> WikiPlugins are built using Map<String, String> but they also add a custom
> attribute, _bounds, which is an int[], so at the end a Map<String, Object>
> is used. This parameter isn't used throughout the source, but maybe it's
> used by some other plugins.
> As WikiForms and WikiPlugins are built using different types of Maps, there
> is a small mismatch between them, which can be solved through one of the
> following options:
> - option 1: String execute( WikiContext context, Map<String, Object> params
> )
> would retain backwards compatibility. However there will be a little
> mismatch between WikiForms and the rest of WikiPlugins, as the former are
> built up assuming Map<String, String>. Nothing specially serious, as it
> would be fixed by omiting the generics in the bridge between WikiForms and
> Plugins. It (may) look a bit strange, but it would work.
> - option 2: String execute( WikiContext context, Map<String, String> params
> )
> would break backwards compatibility, as this would mean either dropping the
> _bounds attribute from WikiPlugins or changing the type of the bounds
> parameter from int[] to String, or adding a new int[] getBounds() method.
> However, plugins and forms would fit seamlessly.
> I'm more inclined towards option #2 + publishing a getBounds method, but
> I'd rather ask here which option would fit better. I'd also like to push
> these changes as soon as the 2.9.0 is released and announced (the vote
> passed at general@i.a.o, so these two should happen shortly).
> br,
> juan pablo

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