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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject JSPWiki test failing
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:32:59 GMT
Hi, trying to build JSPWiki trunk (I'm using Oracle JDK 7 on Ubuntu 
Linux) is bringing up JUnit test failures with PageViewPluginTest's 
testShowCountsBasic().  To test this repeatedly, I first modify the Ant 
build.xml to run this test alone:

Index: build.xml
--- build.xml    (revision 1402816)
+++ build.xml    (working copy)
@@ -844,7 +844,7 @@
          <formatter type="xml" usefile="yes" />
          <batchtest todir="${tests.reports}">
             <fileset dir="${tests.src}">
-                <include name="**/*" />
+                <include name="**/" />
                  <exclude name="**/AllTest*java" />
                  <include name="**/" 
                  <exclude name="org/apache/wiki/web/*.*" />

It fails with these results:

<ul><li>Test Page 01 (8 views)
</li></ul><ul><li>Test Page 02 (12 views)
</li></ul><ul><li>Test Page 03 (2 views)
</li></ul><ul><li>Test Page 04 (2 views)
</li></ul><ul><li>Test Page Excluded (1 views)

Namely, test page #1 should have only 2 views and test page #2 should 
have three.  I *thought* the problem was somehow the pages weren't being 
deleted and the increased viewcounts were because the numbers were being 
increased from other tests within this class. But that may not be the 
only problem, because  when I switched away from the common Page 1 and 
Page 2 and went with brand-new pages that weren't being used in the 
other test cases, the same problem occurred 50% of the time 
(pass-fail-pass-fail-pass-fail, etc. correctly passing with 2/3 views 
but then failing with 3/4 views.)

Can anyone replicate this?


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