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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: 3rd RC?
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2012 17:46:59 GMT
Hi all,

I'd consider 2.9.0-incubating-9 to be the third RC.


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Von: "Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez" <>
Gesendet: Freitag, 6. Juli 2012 00:05:03
Betreff: 3rd RC?


couple of days ago I was finally able to solve my problems regarding the
Lucene exceptions, as sad as it looks, in the most ancient windows-way:
rebooting (computer at home is up 99% of the time..). So I was feeling now
would be a good moment to push a new RC, hoping that this time it will
become the first ASF release. Before doing that however, I was thinking of
pushing a coulpe of small changes:

- upgrading commons-lang to commons-lang3: aside from the code, this could
imply upgrading other commons-* libraries, if they do depend on
commons-lang and don't know if that would cause to 3rd party plugins, if
they do depend on that library. Another possibility could be simply upgrade
commons-lang to 2.6, which is the latest from 2.x and most probably won't
break anything.

- a small refactor on LuceneSearchProvider (#1), mainly lines 505-530, to
retrieve and close Lucene indexes. Have that small change from days ago,
when I was pursuing ghosts; the functionally of the class remains exactly
the same, it's just a bit tinier.

WDYT? Does anyone want to push in (or get pushed in) any other thing before
making the next RC?

juan pablo


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