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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: Vote results and further actions on graduation
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 06:18:43 GMT
Hi Juan Pablo,

I agree with you in every point of your mail.

@all: Please have a look at the current draft of our charter and give notice if anything was

Juan Pablo, is there any chance you create a code signing key, join the Apache web of trust
and add the pubkey to the KEYS file in the svn repository? Have a look at [1] for an overview
and links to instructions.



----- Ursprüngliche Mail -----
Von: "Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez" <>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 19. April 2012 17:59:20
Betreff: Vote results and further actions on graduation

Hello all,

72 hours have passed, and the vote totals are:

6 Binding +1 votes
5 Non-binding +1 votes
0 +0 votes
1 Binding -1 votes
1 Non-binding -1 votes

Binding +1 votes from:
Andrew Jaquith
Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez
Florian Holeczek
Harry Metske
Dirk Frederecick
Janne Jalkannen

Non-binding +1 votes from:
Michael Gerzabek
Christophe Dupriez
Jürgen Weber
Siegfried Goeschl
Luca Gilardoni

Binding -1 votes from:
Sam Ruby

Non-binding -1 from:
Ross Gardler

Related jspwiki-dev threads: [1], [2]

Based on this I understand that the vote has passed, BUT:

Some issues have been raised in general@incubator, and 4 people, although
they haven't voted -1, felt it would be wise to withdraw the voting until
these issues have been fixed, namely:
a) making (at least) one apache official release,
b) placing an unvoted artifact into distribution
c) tidying up the project's incubator site,

The first and the second one being showstoppers (JSPWIKI-540) towards

So we need to decide (as soon as possible, in order to translate to
general@incubation) if we withdraw the voting or accept it as passed. The
only dire consequence would be the need of casting the vote again, once we
have made an ASF release, which we have to do anyway: When beginning the
[VOTE] thread I stated that 2 releases were made following Apache
guidelines, but it turns out that I was mistaken - 2.8.3 and 2.8.4 were
released following apache *voting* guidelines, but they were neither
distributed the apache way, nor gpg-signed, for instance. So they were more
to be considered "Release candidates" rather than "ASF releases".

I'm inclined to withdraw + recast community vote, so we go through
graduation "the ASF way", from beginning to end, but I don't know which is
the general feeling.

My suggested steps would be:
- turn JSPWiki 2.9.0-svn-9 into 2.9.0-incubating-0 and release it the ASF
- at the same time tide up the project's incubator site (I already have
some mock-ups on this)
- approve the charter, that is, if there aren't any comments or changes
during this week, mark as resolved JSPWIKI-538
- once all the above is complete, recast community vote, and, on approval,
proceed with IPMC vote

So, what do you think?

juan pablo



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