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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki & Apache Incubation?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 10:59:33 GMT
Hi all,

let me simply copy&paste my former post from the private list here and then pick up some
points from the further discussion on the dev list:

Our community likes the 2.8 series for its stability and simplicity. Therefore, maintaining
the 2.8 branch at least for a longer while is something that really makes sense.
Another fact is that the key developers of 3.0 are very busy with other things, which means
that it's quite hard to tell when it will be possible to release a stable 3.0.
However, the current plan still is to graduate with a 3.0 alpha and retire 2.8 as soon as
possible. Quite obviously this isn't likely to work.
This is why I think it makes sense to proceed in smaller steps (but proceed!) and so I've
been wondering whether there are any objections to making version 2.8.5 an Apache release.
As far as I can see, most of the required changes (e.g. rewrite of PageRenamer and IndexPlugin)
are part of the 2.8 branch already. Some things aren't though, e.g. the package name change
(is this required?) and removal of author tags in the source code.

So, looking at the discussion so far, I'm happy to see that we still do have a stable community.
Also, our mentor is still believing that graduation can succeed. Therefore, it still makes
sense to graduate.

@Janne: Thinking of your personal situation, I can fully understand your proposal to move
over to GitHub. JSPWiki is your baby, and so you've always been seen as the natural project
leader - of course associated with all of the corresponding work. From the current point of
view, it'd be the least time-consuming solution to move over to GitHub. But, we've all been
putting so much effort in the incubation process, it'd be a pity if this became worthless
just because the last steps are hard to go. I, for one, am not thinking of GitHub as an alternative
to Apache in every aspect.

Look at the Apache Roller project. They have similar problems:
* mature project
* small number of committers who have little time
And: They succeed. It's a healthy project which users and developers can trust in.

I think it was our mentor who said that it'd be always up to the project how fast it wants
to proceed. So, the recent slowdown is nothing that should be scaring us.

Regarding graduation with a 2.8, I think there are mainly organizational, infrastructure and
smaller code maintenance tasks left.

So, assumed that there are quite some people left willing to finish graduation, I'd be willing
to take charge of the related tasks.
However, I'm no JSPWiki 3.0 architect like Janne or Andrew, so I won't be able to take parts
related to this category at least in the medium term.


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