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From Harry Metske <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki & Apache Incubation?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 17:46:27 GMT

if you are willing to take charge of the graduation related tasks, that
sure would help, and we also need someone taking initiatives a give some
steering to us.
I could spend a few hours a week on a few technical related tasks , so I
think we should give graduation a last chance.
Any more people with a bit of time left for JSPWiki ?  Dirk ?


2012/1/4 Florian Holeczek <>

> Hi all,
> let me simply copy&paste my former post from the private list here and
> then pick up some points from the further discussion on the dev list:
> Our community likes the 2.8 series for its stability and simplicity.
> Therefore, maintaining the 2.8 branch at least for a longer while is
> something that really makes sense.
> Another fact is that the key developers of 3.0 are very busy with other
> things, which means that it's quite hard to tell when it will be possible
> to release a stable 3.0.
> However, the current plan still is to graduate with a 3.0 alpha and retire
> 2.8 as soon as possible. Quite obviously this isn't likely to work.
> This is why I think it makes sense to proceed in smaller steps (but
> proceed!) and so I've been wondering whether there are any objections to
> making version 2.8.5 an Apache release.
> As far as I can see, most of the required changes (e.g. rewrite of
> PageRenamer and IndexPlugin) are part of the 2.8 branch already. Some
> things aren't though, e.g. the package name change (is this required?) and
> removal of author tags in the source code.
> So, looking at the discussion so far, I'm happy to see that we still do
> have a stable community. Also, our mentor is still believing that
> graduation can succeed. Therefore, it still makes sense to graduate.
> @Janne: Thinking of your personal situation, I can fully understand your
> proposal to move over to GitHub. JSPWiki is your baby, and so you've always
> been seen as the natural project leader - of course associated with all of
> the corresponding work. From the current point of view, it'd be the least
> time-consuming solution to move over to GitHub. But, we've all been putting
> so much effort in the incubation process, it'd be a pity if this became
> worthless just because the last steps are hard to go. I, for one, am not
> thinking of GitHub as an alternative to Apache in every aspect.
> Look at the Apache Roller project. They have similar problems:
> * mature project
> * small number of committers who have little time
> And: They succeed. It's a healthy project which users and developers can
> trust in.
> I think it was our mentor who said that it'd be always up to the project
> how fast it wants to proceed. So, the recent slowdown is nothing that
> should be scaring us.
> Regarding graduation with a 2.8, I think there are mainly organizational,
> infrastructure and smaller code maintenance tasks left.
> So, assumed that there are quite some people left willing to finish
> graduation, I'd be willing to take charge of the related tasks.
> However, I'm no JSPWiki 3.0 architect like Janne or Andrew, so I won't be
> able to take parts related to this category at least in the medium term.
> Regards
>  Florian

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