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From Christophe Dupriez <>
Subject Problem with CK Editor, tables and images...
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:30:43 GMT

It was somewhat complicated:

1) tables: the problem is that WikiMarkup do not allow paragraph within 
Table cells. I modified to ensure the 
</p><p> within <td> becomes <br/> (i.e. \\):
... around line 300
                 else if( n.equals( "p" ) )
                     if( e.getContentSize() != 0 ) // we don't want to 
print empty elements: <p></p>
                         if( base.getName().equalsIgnoreCase( "td" ) ) {
                             print( e );
                             if (i.hasNext()) {
                                 m_out.print( " \\\\" );
                         } else {
                             print( e );
Without this modification, an Enter within a Table cell in the CK Editor 
ruins definitively the table...

2) images: the problem is that the Image plugin generates a table around 
the image. This is a problem within CK: I added test for Wysiwyg edition 
in Image plugin to remove the table in that case.
   The caption becomes the image title.
When not in Wysiwyg, I leave the style attribute on the table but I also 
add it to the image.
   Is this make sense to all of us wishing secure CK editing?

Please let me know so I can submit detailed modifications following your 


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