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From Christophe Dupriez <>
Subject Problem with images properties and CK Editor: QUESTIONS about, method printImage
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 13:37:04 GMT

Our users are delighted by CK Editor in JSPWiki.
Few glitches remain which cause problems with saved documents.

One is with saving images in a page: CKEditor is storing image 
properties as CSS in style="..." attribute.

In /src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/
I find the following piece of code (around line 733 in method printImage):
         map.put( "align", base.getAttributeValue( "align" ) );
         map.put( "height", img.getAttributeValue( "height" ) );
         map.put( "width", img.getAttributeValue( "width" ) );
         map.put( "alt", img.getAttributeValue( "alt" ) );
         map.put( "caption", emptyToNull( XPath.newInstance( "CAPTION" 
).valueOf( base ) ) );
         map.put( "link", href );
         map.put( "border", img.getAttributeValue( "border" ) );
         map.put( "style", base.getAttributeValue( "style" ) );
You can see that style is taken from "base" (like "align") and not from 
"img". For that reason, the style attribute of the image simply 
disappear in the Wiki Markup. And my users are unhappy!

What is the reasoning behind this? Should I merge "base" and "img" 
attributes? Take "img" only? Or what else?


Have a nice day!


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