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From Alex Tracer <>
Subject Is there possibility to implement custom automatic authentication? (not web-container based)
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 03:13:07 GMT

I'm trying to link JSPWiki to an existing application. I need make a
user automatically (i.e. without explicit login through Login page)
logged in JSPWiki if he already logged in the another application. All I
need to do on JSPWiki side is to get some cookies from request and pass
them to my application.

I've expected that my task will be quite simple because I knew that
JSPWiki provides "jspwiki.loginModule.class" property that allows to use
custom JAAS authentication. Also I've seen that
WebContainerCallbackHandler is able to give me an HttpRequest (via
HttpRequestCallback) so I can grab my cookies from the request and do my
dark deeds with them...

However I've met some serious obstacles:

1. "jspwiki.loginModule.class" property is used only for authentication
thought Login.jsp. There no way to specify a custom JAAS LoginModule
that will be used in the same place as WebContainerLoginModule in
AuthenticationManager.login( HttpServletRequest request ). So I can't
use my custom LoginModule here so I can't make "automatic" login.

2. Login.jsp uses AuthenticationManager.login( WikiSession session,
HttpServletRequest request, String username, String password ) and
supports customizable LoginModule but WikiCallbackHandler in this method
is unable to handle HttpRequestCallback. So I can't use my custom
LoginModule even for explicit login because I can't cookies from JSPWiki.

3. There is no way to replace AuthenticationManager with implementation
that matches my needs because AuthenticationManager is final so I can't
redefine it in classmappings.xml.

I know that I can modify JSPWiki sources and build my own version of
JSPWiki but I hope that there a way to avoid that because it will add a
lot of extra work on merging with future versions of JSPWiki.

Could anybody please advise on my problem? At least just point out where
is right place to ask ;)

Best regards,
Alex Tracer.

PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm still not very good in it.

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