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From Kalle Kivimaa <>
Subject Re: ReferenceManager rewrite: seeking a little discussion
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2010 18:33:45 GMT
Andrew Jaquith <> writes:
> In thinking this through a bit more, I thought it might be better if
> we stored references as UUIDs. This means (for example) that renaming
> is simple -- all we really need to just change the page text, rather
> than the reference "pointers". So, that's what I've been experimenting
> with. It seems to work really, really well, and the code is simpler.

We basically did this in the company I work for, where we use JSPWiki as
a base for our UI. We ran into problems with the reference manager
taking up a *very* long time at wiki startup, so we switched over to
using a SQL database for page storage and storing the links between
pages in the database, thus eliminating the "recreate the link
information at every startup" problem.

The problems we've had with this approach have been mostly on the "how
to keep the link information correct", so that's probably something you
want to keep in mind.

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