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From Dirk Frederickx <>
Subject Re: some attachment questions
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2010 12:30:59 GMT
>> 2)
>> The attachment tab generates the list of attachments.
>> Normally jspwiki renders attachment links automatically with a
>> class='attachment'.   This label is used by slimbox to recognise which links
>> to decorate.
>> However, the current AttachmentsTab.jsp uses a stripes <s:link> tag, which
>> not automatically generates the correct jspwiki link.
>> I simply added the class in the jsp, which resolved the issue.  (ok)
>> But I was wondering why the <wiki:linkTo> is not used anymore, which
>> automatically  ensured that attachment links are generated consistently ?
> Yes. You can add a 'class' attribute to the s:link tag; that should
> solve that particular problem.
> I don't have any special attachment to s:link, except that it is
> guaranteed to generate a valid link even if we change the URL scheme.
> We should check wiki:linkTo to make sure it works this way, although
> it SHOULD because it calls the URLConstructor which in turn uses the
> same Stripes UrlBuilder that s:link calls.
> If you get better results with wiki:LinkTo, we can use that instead.
> (Though I'd like them both to work interchangeably.)

I'd prefer to have a single solution for a jsp-author to include jspwiki links.
If this can be done by the <s:link> that would be great.  But in that
case, I would expect that correct links are generated, and that JSP
author doesn't need to care.
If this is not possilbe, I suggest to always use the <wiki:LinkTo>
tags consistently.

>> 3)
>> I was surprised to see that attachment links now end in a "?download="
>> string.
>> Is this behaviour correct ?
> That link is not correct. If you omit the "event='download'" attribute
> from s:link, it won't append the "?download=" (which is the Stripes
> event name). Omitting the event attribute will make the ActionBean
> link point to the default event, which (as it happens) is the
> "download" event. So the event attribute can be safely omitted.
> In general, attachment downloads are not working the way they should
> at the moment, and this was something I was planning to fix soon. This
> is related to the email I sent out about 2 weeks ago asking for
> comments on WikiPath delimiters.
>> I will need to update the javascript which actually was relying on the
>> pattern of an image "src" attribute ending in  "...xxxxx.<image-type".
> Well, I hope you don't have to. :)  Just try omitting the event
> attribute from s:link, or use wiki:LinkTo.

OK, I removed the 'download' event, and that seems to be ok.   Txs.


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