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From "Dalen, Andre van" <>
Subject RE: separate space for user profiles
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 09:27:07 GMT

Hi Florian,

I don't want to be too negative, but this seems to violate the KISS
the strength of Wiki's (imho) is that everything is a page.
You could always introduce a category page UserProfiles that is
from those kinds of pages.

	regards, Andre

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From: Florian Holeczek [] 
Sent: dinsdag 2 februari 2010 22:19
Subject: separate space for user profiles

Hi devs,

I want to start a discussion on a special aspect of the organization of
our new backend.
I think it might be useful to separate user profile pages from "normal"
pages. The following advantages came to my mind:
* no name collisions
* possibility of explicitly marking a page as a user profile (and thus
possibility for a visitor recognizing a page as user profile)
* possibility of having an access control template for this kind of
pages (e.g. only its "owner" may edit it).


Best regards

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