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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Seeking Alpha
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 20:59:46 GMT
Andrew Jaquith wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> If you've been paying close attention to my recent commits --- and I
> *know* you have :) --- you know that I've been putting a lot of energy
> around re-working the JSPs. As of last night's checkins, I feel that
> most of the goals I set for the 3.0 view layer have been achieved.
> Scriptlet code has been moved into the ActionBeans, markup has been
> "modernized" with JSTL, and the top-level JSPs have been folded into
> the template JSPs. The net result is a set of JSPs that are slimmer,
> simpler and better organized. A few stray bugs (notably: JavaScript
> and a few URLBinding issues) remain, but the hard work is done.
> We should make some decisions soon about whether these are really
> blockers or not, and figure out what we need to do to close them if
> they are.

Hi Andrew,

I would like to ask a preliminary question, as I'm guessing you have a
good answer to it. In my experience we've had a number of issues with
JSTL, namely version compatibility. We've had situations where the
version chosen for development wasn't compatible with our production
environment, and JSTL URI identifiers seem more the problem than the
actual markup itself. This has made JSTL a very unstable platform for
our development work, and we've had to coordinate carefully with our
IT team to make sure we were installing all the right versions in order
to avoid this. There was no problem with JSPs or scriptlets but as soon
as we began using JSTL all hell broke loose.

Could you *briefly* describe how you've avoided this for JSPWiki?

Thanks much,


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