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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: separate space for user profiles
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 21:59:29 GMT
Andrew Jaquith wrote:
> Florian, I agree that user home pages are "special," and that we
> should do something about it. But I'd be reluctant to use access
> control templates. Instead, it would be better to extend the security
> policy grammar so that the defaults are sensible. For example, for
> groups, one of the default policies is this:
> permission
> "*:<groupmember>", "edit";
> ...which means "any members of the group can edit it." It's easy to
> imagine how this might extend to pages, e.g., creating a <self> or
> <fullname> token that would be evaluated. I think this is probably
> better than templating.
> Your comment also made me think about page "types," in the sense that
> we might want to consider adding support for this -- probably as an
> Enum. Home pages might be one type; comments (which will be sub-pages
> at some point) might be another. But I haven't thought too hard about
> this just yet.

Hi Andrew,

I've long been playing with different ways to implement some kind of
forms functionality, mostly via rather complicated plugins (e.g., I
managed to pull all the forms features into one plugin that managed
state). But all this is pretty fragile and leaves the plugin syntax
open to user modification, as well as providing no ability to maintain
consistency across pages -- every form could have unique names and

What I really want is a admin-controlled ability to create forms,
which is a form of page typing, so that a JSPWiki instance could be
the basis of an online database. This could be intermixed with normal
wikitext content, so the form could be as complicated as a user
profile, a product description, a library accession record, etc., or
as simple as a list of page tags (i.e., a single field). It'd be great
if this were somehow modular, so that while still handled in a template
(JSP) rather than in wiki syntax, it would be within the control of the
admin rather than the users, with the form parameters stored as page
metadata, and therefore accessible to code. While this could be done
entirely as JSP inclusions, it'd obviously be better as some kind of
page 'type', where if a page contained a particular type value it
would display (and therefore store) a group of associated metadata
fields. User preferences would be an obvious start.

Just some ideas... I do think being able to use JSPWiki as an online
database would add tremendously to its value. You can see how
Wikipedia has tried (and in some ways succeeded, in other ways failed,
in terms of complexity) with page templating, such as for people,
countries, etc.


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