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From Dirk Frederickx <>
Subject Re: Seeking Alpha
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2010 21:12:59 GMT

A bunch of javascript updates are waiting for check-in.
The speed at which the template is changing is hard to follow ;-)

Currently, I'm blocked with deploy issues --  hope this can be fixed soon.

JSPWIKI-382 can be closed soon: posteditor.js is already not used anymore;
but the new plain editor is still buggy.


On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Andrew Jaquith

> Harry, thanks for the kind words!
> The first two issues are good ones that we should fix. +1. Good catch! Note
> that the JSON search needs to be rewired to use the Stripes calls.
> Ultimately we want to get rid of the JSON bridge and just call the event
> URLs directly.
> Not sure we need to do web unit tests just yet. Definitely for beta though!
> Andrew
> On Feb 5, 2010, at 9:30, Harry Metske <> wrote:
>  Andrew,
>> first I want to express my appreciation for the huge contribution you've
>> made, we should have more people on the team like you.
>> Now the issues, I can agree on all 6 issues, and want to suggest we add
>> the
>> following to them assuming we want an Alpha JSPWiki that works for basic
>> functions like page editing, saving, and so on.
>> - There is still the "page edit concatenation" problem (no JIRA issue yet,
>> but I can create one)
>> - JSPWIKI-510 - SearchManager.JSONSearch.findPages() does not honor ACLs
>> (security is important for the ASF and for ourselves)
>> - not quite sure if we should also first try to get the webtests (Selenium
>> or an alternative?) up and running
>> One of the things I can help with is fixing the unit tests I think.
>> regards,
>> Harry
>> 2010/2/4 Andrew Jaquith <>
>>  Hi everybody,
>>> If you've been paying close attention to my recent commits --- and I
>>> *know* you have :) --- you know that I've been putting a lot of energy
>>> around re-working the JSPs. As of last night's checkins, I feel that
>>> most of the goals I set for the 3.0 view layer have been achieved.
>>> Scriptlet code has been moved into the ActionBeans, markup has been
>>> "modernized" with JSTL, and the top-level JSPs have been folded into
>>> the template JSPs. The net result is a set of JSPs that are slimmer,
>>> simpler and better organized. A few stray bugs (notably: JavaScript
>>> and a few URLBinding issues) remain, but the hard work is done.
>>> It is time to turn our sights towards getting an Alpha build out the
>>> door. Here are the current blockers as listed in JIRA:
>>> 1. JSPWIKI-303 JSPWiki-API library creation.
>>> 2. JSPWIKI-421 JCR backend
>>> 3. JSPWIKI-382 Remove posteditor.js
>>> We should make some decisions soon about whether these are really
>>> blockers or not, and figure out what we need to do to close them if
>>> they are.
>>> I'd also propose solving three more issues before we can declare Alpha:
>>> 4. Clean unit tests. We still have about 30 renaming, ReferenceManager
>>> and related plugin tests that are failing. I *think* they might be
>>> related to a recent Priha vintage. The build should run clean before
>>> we release an Alpha.
>>> 5. URLConstructors. With the physical top-level JSPs gone, we now rely
>>> on Stripes URLBindings to map incoming *.jsp resquests to ActionBean
>>> event. We should do the same for outgoing URL **generation** by making
>>> StripesURLConstructor the default. While we're at it, we should kill
>>> the other URLConstructors, because FileBasedActionResolver will allow
>>> URLBindings to be externally defined. For backwards compatibility,
>>> ShortUrlRedirectFilter allows legacy short URLs to be safely
>>> intercepted and redirected.
>>> 6. Refactor WikiBackgroundThread abstract class as JMX timer MBeans.
>>> This would eliminate our somewhat unreliable timer implementation.
>>> Today, background threads don't kill themselves reliably. I take full
>>> responsibility for this, but I also can't fix it easily, and would
>>> rather do it through JMX.
>>> I can do 5 and 6 fairly quickly if we agree to do them.
>>> Are these good priorities for Alpha? What else are we missing?
>>> Andrew

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