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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: Failing DeleteActionBean tests
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 17:59:27 GMT
The easy way to test this hypothesis, which is an interesting one,
would be to unhook the ReferenceManager event listener and see if it
makes a difference. The RefMgr tests will fail, but perhaps some of
the other failing tests will succeed.

Generally, though, we should definitely do one of two things: either
create a separate "updater" JCR session for the ReferenceManager event
listener, and have it do its own saves, OR remove all save()s from
ReferenceManager entirely. Right now it does saves in the context of
the caller's JCR session, which doesn't feel right.


On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Janne Jalkanen
<> wrote:
> The test seems correct.  There seems to be something fairly odd going on
> with respect to versioning; for example, ContentManagerTest.deleteAllPages()
> fails because it deletes all pages ok, but at the last instant it recreates
> the pages as empty.
> My guess is that it was a bug in ContentManager that priha 0.6.x revealed;
> and I also have a nagging suspicion it has something to do with
> ReferenceManager, as it seems to me that the pages are recreated by the
> event handlers as a side effect.  This could happen if the page is first
> deleted, then save()d, then a event handler adds a property to it and
> recreates the Node as a sanity check or something. Haven't yet had time to
> peek into it very deeply.
> /Janne
> On Dec 1, 2009, at 15:44 , Andrew Jaquith wrote:
>> Janne, can I get a quick sanity check on something?
>>      // Save two versions of the test page
>>       m_engine.saveText( "Test", "This is the first version" );
>>       m_engine.saveText( "Test", "This is the second version" );
>>       // Make sure they both saved ok
>>       WikiPage v1 = m_engine.getPage( "Test", 1 );
>>       WikiPage v2 = m_engine.getPage( "Test", 2 );
>>       assertNotNull( "Did not save page Test, v1!", v1 );
>>       assertNotNull( "Did not save page Test, v2!", v2 );
>>       assertEquals( "This is the first version",
>> m_engine.getPureText( v1 ).trim() );
>> The last assertion is failing. When WikiEngine.getPureText(v1) is
>> called, it is returning "This is the second version", which seems
>> wrong . It should return the first version, right?
>> Back when the trunk tests all ran clean (aka "the good old days"),
>> this test worked also. So it seems to me that some recent changes
>> caused the results to change. So was the test wrong all along, or is
>> there a bug somewhere?
>> Andrew

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