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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: 2 last failing unit tests
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:24:46 GMT
Ok -- I think I know what the issue is. There's are .svnignore file in
etc/ and tests/etc that probably need to have their
userdatabase.xml/groupdatabase.xml exclusions removed. If trunk wasn't
overwriting your local copies (which it should, now), that would
explain the XMLUserDatabase failure.

Lemme take a look at this tonight...


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 4:15 PM, Janne Jalkanen
<> wrote:
>> 1) Guitests. I'll see what I can find. Probably something minor. I
>> know the "tests" target runs all test classes ending in "*Test" and
>> ignores "AllTests", while Eclipse (and probably guitests) just runs
>> the AllTests classes. It's likely that one or more of the AllTests
>> classes is failing to include, oh, about 34 tests. :)
> Yes, that's possible. I think it might make sense if we used AllTests for
> everything... I know it's a bit of manual work, but at least that's how we
> can keep the results in sync.
>> 2) Graceful LDAP fail (inside the tests themselves). Any ideas on how
>> to implement? The easy way would be to look for a localhost listener
>> on 4890 (where the OpenLDAP test fixture listens) and then not run the
>> tests if it isn't found. Should they FAIL or PASS in that case? It
>> sounds like passing is the right thing to do.
> Just committed some code to SVN. Can you please check that they work well
> also in the positive case?
> (Meh, it's been three months since my last commit.  Too long... Well,
> hopefully now that Priha works I can get back to this again :-)
>> 3) Differences in your test pass rate versus mine. Not sure why your
>> "ant tests" run would produce different results than mine. I did try
>> running mine with a completely new, checked-out branch. Because I
>> can't know what changes you might have in your local branch, could you
>> check out a clean copy and diff the tree versus yours? SOMETHING is
>> different. Also, I'd like to know what Harry and others are seeing.
>> Gents, any clues?
> I poked into it and it seems that I had an older userdatabase.xml which was
> NOT updated whenever I did "svn up".  Strange.
> However, I still do get a bunch of ClassNotFounds for
> HtmlStringToWikiTranslatorTest, but I suspect these could be my setup too.
>> Eclipse, by the way, hasn't been reliable for me, for testing, for a
>> while. I tend to exhaust memory somewhere around JSPWikiMarkupParser.
>> But I haven't tried it in the last few months (i.e. before my massive
>> bug-hunting campaign).
> Ah, I always add more memory to these tests: Click on the test runner, "Run
> Configurations" -> "Arguments" -> "VM Arguments", add -xmx512m.
> /Janne

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