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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: Restart logging?
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 21:52:20 GMT
Hi Harry,

The idea is to configure the wiki, including logging settings, using
the installer screen. Then, after pressing the "Configure!" button,
presto! the wiki is configured the way it should be without needing to
restart the webapp. Instant gratification! It is much better than
having to restart the webapp.

Right now, in my local builds, everything *except* the log file change
seems to work fine. The goal is to have the desired log file location
(configured via the installer) reflected immediately -- the logs start
going to that file. So I want to know how best to do that. Whether it
is JMX or whatever, I don't care. But I am not a logging expert; hence
the broadcast. If you have ideas I'd like to hear about them.


On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 12:45 PM, Harry Metske<> wrote:
> Well,
> we have our own logging layer ( which talks to slf4j
> which talks to a real logging implementation (with log4j as the default).
> The first two don't have support for configuring logging at all, the writer
> of slf4j says you also shouldn't :
> Log4j itself does support dynamic configuration of logging, but that has
> explicitly not been put in the slf4j interface.
> We do however have some way of dynamically configuring our loggers, and
> that's through the MBeans (currently you have to use jconsole to do it, but
> a nice GUI for it would still be nice). This is however limited.
> So with "restart logging" you could something in that direction, but again,
> that is limited to log4j, if you run another logging implementation, you are
> left alone in the dark.
> BTW, what exactly would be the difference between restarting the engine and
> reloading the whole webapp ?
> regards,
> Harry
> 2009/9/6 Andrew Jaquith <>
>> Hi all --
>> I am doing a bunch of work on the installer/config code. I've already
>> got some really cool features implemented (LDAP config and live
>> testing, Stripesification of the interface, configuration of multiple
>> properties files simultaneously...). One thing I would REALLY like to
>> do is to be able to apply changes to the wiki WITHOUT requiring a
>> webapp reload.
>> To that end, I wrote a restart() method for the WikiEngine, and it
>> seems to work perfectly except in one respect: I can't figure out how
>> to restart the logging subsystem. Any hints? I'd like to be able to
>> allow the admin to specify the desired log file location, and after
>> restart all of the logging is redirected there.
>> Actually, there is one more thing: how does one set the Priha page
>> directory? I'm pretty sure there's a setting in that
>> needs to be set, but I don't know what it is.
>> Andrew

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