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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Spam package redesign
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2009 02:10:04 GMT
Murray Altheim wrote:
> Andrew Jaquith wrote:
>  > You could certainly do that with the package as I've described it --
>  > the pseudo-subject or facet is what I called a Score "category," if I
>  > catch your meaning.
> Hi Andrew,
> I'm not sure what the correct library term would be, except that if
> you look into Faceted Classification (FC) there's the concept of a
> subject, rather than being an enumeration (ala Dewey), is comprised
> of facets, with the individual facets themselves composite subjects,
> eventually drilling recursively down until one reaches some idea of
> a 'core' facet (though it's easy to argue that no such core exists
> or even could, that facets are themselves subjects and recurse as
> well).

Sorry, I'd also meant to include a short bibliography of some Faceted
Classification information, more than just the Wikipedia page. These
first two are pretty helpful,

   Faceted classification and logical division in information retrieval
   Library Trends, Wntr, 2004 by Jack Mills

   Grounded Classification: Grounded Theory and Faceted Classification
   Library Trends, Fall, 1998 by Susan Leigh Star

and to a somewhat lesser extent:

   Classification and categorization: a difference that makes a difference
   Library Trends, Wntr, 2004 by Elin K. Jacob

   The Role of Classification in Knowledge Representation and Discovery - 1
   Library Trends, Summer, 1999 by Barbara H. Kwasnik

This may to many people be Much More Than I Want to Know.


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