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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: PageViewPlugin
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:02:13 GMT
> Keeping the data as property of the page would break the performance of the plugin.
> (and would make a sliding behaviour like dividing all counts by 2 every time period 
> that much more difficult to implement)

Not really; would be really easy to find them all with an XPath query.
The bigger problem is that they would probably kill read perf because
it would result in a DB write for each read.

> Originally I opted against putting the data in a generated wiki page because it will
> get in the way of people. An attachment to a special page like PopularPages also 
> did not seem the way to go - replacement bypassing the versioning of pages and attachments
> breaks the general behaviour.

For JCR this is not a problem, you just put it in a non-versioned
Node.  It would both be invisible to the generic user, and also it
would not mess up with anything.

I think JSPWiki currently ignores any namespaced Nodes in the main repo.

> With regard to context; one would expect a count per space if spaces are separate 
> wikis.

Well, a WikiPath is a combo of spacename and wikiname, so you would
probably use that.


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