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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: PageViewPlugin
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2009 10:25:06 GMT
Hi all,

> I don't believe either it would be too late to integrate in 2.8, since
> it would be just a new plugin and does not change existing APIs in any
> way.

ok, fine then! :-) Was thinking of the policy to only integrate bugfix
code into a stable branch, but indeed, it's a non-invasive change.

> (Note, however, that there's still a good reason to store page view
> counts in a separate file: performance. Having a database write  
> (possibly several) for each read would be very heavy.  Better to  
> journal it and keep a latest count in memory; then upon startup read  
> the journal back in.  JCR does not have the concept of appending to a
> Property either.)

AFAIK this is just the way Andre has implemented it :-)


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