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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JSPWIKI-504) New default look for 3.0
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 22:38:00 GMT
[FYI, this is a message I'd drafted a fair bit ago but haven't been able
to finish, but the skins are relatively finished... I'd be willing to
take the basic Acme skin and work up a version for 3.0 when that makes

Goran Karlic (JIRA) wrote:
>     [
> Goran Karlic commented on JSPWIKI-504:
> --------------------------------------
> I think the way how CSS identifiers and classes are used in JSPs needs to be improved
for now too many things need to be handled especially. It should be possible to achieve good-looking
and consistent results with a rather small CSS.
> Making a "redish skin", for instance, is nearly undoable and results in a large CSS files
and heavy utilization of Firebug to find out "why things look like they do".
> It would be much easier if for instance all "header text elements" shared one class so
it can be referenced in CSS as such:
> {code}
> <h1 class="header ...">Title 1</h1>
> <h2 class="header ...">Title 2</h2>
> <th class="header ...">Table</th>
> <div class="header ...">Welcome</div>
> <div class="error header">Error</div>

I really must say I prefer the header element be identified by ID, not
class. It's best to use IDs if there will only be one. You can then use
containment on any of its subelements. Adding this to the 'class'
attribute is an unnecessary complication.

I actually just finished a first draft of several interrelated skins
based on a slightly-altered template (called "acme") built for JSPWiki
2.8.2. The skins include a new one for the CeryleWiki, one for a local
wiki at work, and a new default skin for JSPWiki (including a new
cleaned up version of the logo, which retains its basics but is cleaned
up and available as SVG*). The skins are relatively lightweight (the
skin.css file for 'Acme' is 5.6K). There's also a test skin called
'Grid' that colors the basic blocks, making it easier to debug placement.

I'll stress that I'm not entirely done and there's been little testing
so far, but I'm happy with them. I'll also note that this doesn't do
much at all in attempting to simplifying/clarifying the existing JSPs
vis a vis jspwiki.css, i.e., where there are a few template changes,
these are primarily skin changes and the 'acme' template is not very
different from 'default', apart from handling the Header.jsp a bit
differently: having an optional header that spans the entire page
left-to-right. There's a new PageName.jsp that handles overly-long page
names better. It retains the basic functions of the current hover-over
logo, adds a Copyright.jsp that would probably be optional for most
people (uses CC logo and links). I've also not tested the right-side
favorites option at all (that feature will likely be removed from our
production service, for simplicity' sake -- there's only so much time).

Janne, what would you prefer I do next with the 'acme' template and
'Acme' and 'Grid' skins? Post this somewhere? I can't commit to much
additional time on altering the underlying JSPs or jspwiki.css, and
there'd be still some work to do on integrating i18n. This is mostly
an attempt to create a cleaner looking template from which I could
build a few others, plus attempt to rationalise the way wiki titles,
page names, breadcrumbs, and the like are placed, so my primary
contribution here would be a prettier template with some graphics.


* it also proposes a base colour of a shade of dark blue, which is used
   as the tint of the skin detail, which is otherwise mostly white
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