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From Dirk Frederickx <>
Subject ajax in v3.x -
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2009 14:19:05 GMT
Andrew, e.a.,

Some notes on the use of ajax in the template jsp's and the related
I'll check in some updates to the javascript with new handlers to support

There are 2 cases:

1) AJAX-calls to retrieve xhtml snippets.

   In v2.x this is done through some jsp-helper-pages which return
   the xhtml snippets. (not full html pages)

   It is currenlty used for retrieving the lucene search results for the
   FindContent.jsp (old AJAXSearch.jsp);  the live-preview function
   during editing (old AJAXPreview.jsp); and the %%category popup
   to retrieve the list of referring-pages. (old AJAXCategories.jsp)

   Reading the note of Andrew, we would like to move to stripes' event
   to deliver these ajax requests. In most cases, we'd still need some jsp's
to finally
   deliver the returned xhtml.

   Notice that the returned xhtml in these
   cases should only return a small snippet, and not a complete
   (with header, footer, favorites, etc...)

   Client side:

   /* new api */
   Wiki.ajax( url (==> of the Stripes ActionBean), {
    action: ==> Stripes event to be invoked
    params: ==> FORM-element or javascript-object, will be converted to
    update: ==> optional, DOM-element to update with xhtml snippet
    onComplete: ==> callback handler on reception of the html response

   Wiki.ajax('Search.jsp', {
action: 'ajaxSearch',
params: { query:'search-text', maxItems:20 },
update: $('dom-element'),
alert('ajax - done');
   Wiki.ajax('Search.jsp', {
action: 'ajaxSearch',
                params:$('searchform2'),  ==> automatically retrieve params
from the form
update: $('searchResult2'),
alert('ajax - done');


    * The current ajaxSearch event invokes the full FindContent.jsp.
      It rather should return the search-result xhtml snippet inside
      In v2.x, the FindContent.jsp invoked/included the
      AJAXSearch.jsp just to deliver that snippet of search-results.
      I'd suggest to revert back to that solution, but give it a better
      FindContent, invokinkg FindResult.jsp

    * 'live-preview' : I suggest to promote this generic function to a
      top-level jsp, rather than an template jsp. We could also opt for an
      extra AJAX-event on the existing ViewActionBean

    * AJAXCategories : This jsp is actually only invoking a jspwiki-plugin.
      Probably this would better be a JSON based ajax event.  (see below)
      Or, we could consider to build a generic solution to invoke
      any of the installed plugins ?

2) AJAX-calls to retrieve JSON objects
   (eg. upload progress tracking, find partial page matches)

   In v2.x this uses server-side the json-rpc.

   We used this for retrieving a list of pagenames with partial match in the
   quick-navigation drop-down (search.findPages), populate the suggestion
   popup during edit (search.getSuggestions) and to retrieve the progress
   value when upload attachements. (progressTracker.getProgress)


   //v2.x example
   Wiki.jsonrpc('search.findPages', ['Janne',20], function(result){
     //do something with the result json object

   * We'll still need to select java json tools to read/write server side
     the JSON objects. Unless we'll stick to json-rpc.

   * The findPages and getSuggestion events (currently in
     could be added to the SearchActionBean, to keep all kinds of searching

   * The getProgress could be added to AttachmentActionBean


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