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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: Graduation
Date Sun, 24 May 2009 20:52:56 GMT
Janne -- small points of clarification in case you wanted more
explanation. But the long and the short of it is, it sounds like we
agree that there is nothing on that list that would block 3.0 Alpha.

Minor comments FYI:

>> - Path-awareness for permissions
> Not sure if it's necessary, since we probably won't get multiwiki support in
> shape for 3.0... Or what do you mean?

What I meant by "path awareness" was two things: support within the
PagePermissions class for (1) nested hierarchies, and also (2) for
spaces. For permissions to support nested hierarchicies, "foo/bar/*"
would need to imply "foo/bar/page", and "foo/**" would need to imply

The spaces part of this we already have covered, because "space"
equals "wiki" from the pre-3.0 time frame, and it was already

FYI, the view/JSP layer is somewhat path-aware already. Any JSPs we've
already migrated to Stripes, for example, should be sub-page and
space-aware automatically thanks to WikiPageTypeConverter. That
includes viewing pages and editing, for example.

I don't see path-awareness for PagePermission as a blocker for Alpha,
but it should be done for Beta.

>> - URL syntax definitions for 3.0, and completion of legacy URL remapper
> At least the first part yes.

It might not be obvious what the second part of this is, so when I see
you in Boston in a few weeks I can walk you through it. As for URL
syntax, I expect that the new FileBasedActionResolver will give us the
tools to support any reasonable URL scheme, and even some that are
unreasonable. :)  Folks like Murray can even make their own... and you
just KNOW that he will. :)


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