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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Graduation
Date Sun, 24 May 2009 18:25:55 GMT
> I assume that what we are aiming for here (and the JIRA tasks seem to
> support this) is an Alpha release that might or might not work
> completely, but at least has the Apache name on it.

Yup, exactly. Something that people can hack on, but not necessarily  
something that they could use in production.

> Just to put it out there, for the **Beta** release after Alpha, we
> will need to resolve these issues. Order here is alphabetical. :)
> - ACL interface


> - API package


> - Completion of JSP migration to Stripes, including AJAX


> - Page versioning


> - Page deletion


> - Path-awareness for permissions

Not sure if it's necessary, since we probably won't get multiwiki  
support in shape for 3.0... Or what do you mean?

> - URL syntax definitions for 3.0, and completion of legacy URL  
> remapper

At least the first part yes.

> In the meantime, I'll dive into JIRA and start taking on some of the
> graduation tasks. I do have some short-term personal constraints on my
> time that will last through the end of June, but I'll do my best.

Great, thanks!


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