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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: ATTN Mentors - graduation
Date Thu, 28 May 2009 19:48:29 GMT
> That looks like a pretty comprehensive list and I think that would
> prepare you for graduation. There is also a checklist on your status
> page, is it up to date?

Nope. No idea how to edit it ;-)

> I don't see any comments on the "Check that only ASL and/or
> ASL-compatible licenses are used" issue. How is that going? Have you
> posted RAT results somewhere?

I just don't think we really got there yet.  Should RAT be run against  
the SVN repo or the distribution archives?

> Where did you find the "Document IP process" task? I'm not sure we
> ever did that on Roller, but it seems like a good idea. I don't think
> you'd need a very detailed write-up -- can you summarize what was done
> in a couple of sentences or bullet points?

Will do.  I think I got the idea from Henning.

> The best demonstration that you have community readiness, have adopted
> ASF style voting, etc. is to actually do a release. I see from your
> last status report that you intend to make an alpha quality release;
> where do you stand on that? ;-)

JSPWIKI-421 is almost done, and JSPWIKI-303 is currently under debate  
(which will be resolved through a friendly mud-wrestling match between  
me and Andrew on Monday - I find it a clear problem with ASF that  
there is no mention in the ASF policies for this resolution method. I  
may submit a patch.)


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