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From Erik Bunn <>
Subject Mootools
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 04:19:34 GMT


Is anyone aware of a way of making a custom MooTools 1.11 build?

The JSPWiki grab is lacking a module that another library (amazingly, 
still 1.11 based) requires. Fine - but I can't find any way of 
retrieving a complete 1.11 library, anywhere.

I'd love to suggest upgrading JSPWiki to use 1.2, but I do understand 
that it is a bit of an effort, having modified some stock JSPWiki 
foldables and tables elsewhere already, and it would need to be re-done 
again when the Moo next evolves. Pain.

However, remaining with 1.1 will cause some pain among UI developer 
types, as well. Any ideas on how JSPWiki will proceed with Moo?


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