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From Tilman Bender <>
Subject Re: OpenID support in JSPWiki?
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:27:12 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your help!

Let's see if I got it right:

- My OpenidAssertionLoginModule need the data from the HttpPRequest
- The way to obtain this data is via HttpReuqestCallback

 From what I can see so far, the HttpReuqest in HttpRequestCallBack is  
set in WebContainerCallbackHandler, which is used by:

- AnonymousLoginModule

So as I get it, I would have to either use this CallBackHandler,  
instead of WikiCallBackHandler
or to find a way to set the HttpRequest in HttpRequestCallBack from  
within WikiCallBackHandler.

Question is: How can I access the request from within,  

I agree on the attribute exchange on login, allthough I would see that  
as a further improvement to the basic OpenID

For the UI side, I attached some mocks. This is what my UI currenlty  
looks like, but it is far from complete. Comments
welcome :-)

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