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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Status report for April
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 18:18:34 GMT
> The first release in the incubator need not be a final production- 
> ready release. So I'd suggest either an alpha or a beta release.  
> There are folks who will need some time to update their plugins with  
> the new package names, and feedback from these folks might well be  
> gated by having a release that is advertised as close to final in  
> terms of interface. Doesn't need to be close to production, just  
> close to what we expect the final package to look like.

I think it's fairly clear that we won't get even alpha quality.  There  
are just so many things broken in it right now, but if that's okay...   
We should probably skip binary packages so that people realize that  
this is not something you should deploy.

> This guideline for releases while incubating is required reading  
> (and don't be put off by its size; it shouldn't take more than a  
> couple of hours to digest...;-)

I think we've been pretty much using these rules already to release  
2.8.x :-), so this shouldn't be a big issue.

> Finally, do we have a volunteer to spin the release?

I added the build scripts that are currently used to build-and-release  
JSPWiki 2.8 to the /scripts/ directory of the JSPWiki repository (on  
the same level as /trunk and /branches), for public interest (and for  
the eventuality that someone will probably want to start spinning  
releases). The build_jspwiki_nightly script already works on, and I'm running preliminary nightlies at

I hope to move my current nightly builds from to (assuming I'm not doing a faux pas).


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