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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: JCR integration
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 13:18:28 GMT
Janne, is WikiPage == Node? (subclass or implementation). Seems like  
there's an implied tight coupling between the two...

On Feb 9, 2009, at 4:12, Janne Jalkanen <> wrote:

>> Re-reading your e-mail, I *think* I understand the comment you made
>> about not wanting to keep a ThreadLocal field in ContentManager that
>> keeps a reference to the current Session. But why keep the Session?
>> Couldn't a getPage() operation open a new Session, get the page, then
>> close the Session and return the page? Then there'd be no reason to
>> stash the Session anywhere.
> The problem is that the Node keeps a reference to a Session, and the
> WikiPage holds a reference to the Node (if it does not, it is
> impossible to manipulate the content of the repository through
> WikiPage methods, such as get/setAttribute()).
> So, if getPage() closes the session, all attempts to use the WikiPage
> for anything will fail spectacularly.
>> Or alternatively, maybe you (we) guarantee that any time we get a
>> Session we have to complete work on the session, then call refresh(),
>> before returning. That would mean you could keep ThreadLocals in
>> ContentManager. But maybe I'm missing your point about the exception
>> cases. Could you explain further?
> Guaranteeing calling Session.refresh() means the following pattern:
> m_engine = ... // Get engine somehow
> try
> {
>   WikiPage p = m_engine.getPage(...)
>   // Do something
> }
> finally
> {
>   // This must be done here, or exceptions will go upwards and
>   // one might end up with unpurged data in the Session.
>   m_engine.getContentManager().refresh(); // Calls Session.refresh()
> }
> So in the end this pattern is *exactly* the same as the pattern above,
> with the exception that this does not explicitly state the start of
> the Session, and leaves the lifecycle muddy.  We can't call
> refresh in our WikiFilter because that does not work for embedders.
> Note that for the most part, the pattern I suggested will only affect
> WikiFilter and WikiContextFactory, since those are the ones who get
> WikiEngine. Most of our APIs get a WikiContext, and for plugin writers
> *nothing* would change (because they did not acquire a WikiEngine,
> they just used WikiContext.getEngine()).
> /Janne

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