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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: Code-name for JSPWiki 3
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2009 14:59:06 GMT
> First, I am an Ubuntu user, and quite frankly, the names are  
> confusing.
> I can never keep track of a sequence made up of names (rather than
> versions).

Codenames help roadmapping. You can talk "we'll put that feature in  
'albacore'" without having to commit to a particular release number.

These days though companies appear to be more friendly by marketing a  
"Tiger" or a "Koala". Numbers are out of fashion and names are  

> Second, the focus on fish names conjures up these thoughts: prey for
> others, followers not leaders, not terribly smart, short lived,
> perishable and - worst of all - smelly.  None of these are
> characteristics that I associate with JSPWiki (nor would want others
> to).

And all those are exactly the reasons why everybody chooses platitudal  
names like "Ganymede" and "Tiger" or "Karmic Koala".  The world is  
filled with "leaders and hunters and cute, fuzzy creatures".  Nobody  
believes them anymore, but they still do it.

I think there is power in being different and more down-to-earth.  Out  
of the box and on people's plates, so to say.  Haddocks are known  
personally to many; koalas less so.

After all, this is just a bit-o-fun for us developers.

<offtopic rant="eco-political">
More seriously, because people prefer furry creatures over slimy ones,  
few people really care about the ecological disaster in our oceans.   
It's easy to eat sushi until you realize that at the current speed of  
sushi-love, tuna is nearing extinction.  Haddock is under threat, too.

So any love we can give towards these creatures is not wasted, I think.


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