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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: Code-name for JSPWiki 3
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 23:13:19 GMT
Ok, I'll bite on the fish idea. Haddock is good. Also: mackerel and  
scrod; how about calamari? :)

If we go the mollusk route, how about razor clam?

PS you've smelled wolverine?

On Feb 25, 2009, at 17:53, Janne Jalkanen <>  

> I'd like to have something friendlier.  Wolverines are nasty beasts  
> which don't smell too good (we've got them in the wild here, and  
> they're not very highly thought of.)  [The Finnish word for  
> wolverine, 'ahma' is more descriptive, I think.  It's a derivative  
> from the word meaning 'to devour'.]
> How about:
> * Bluejay : a cute bird, colourful (wishing for that new skin ;-)
> * Lassie : We've got the dog logo as an alternative.  And what's  
> friendlier than Lassie? (Though there might be some copyright issues  
> on this)
> * Haddock: 'cos nobody *ever* codenames their releases after species  
> of fish. We could also try different species of mollusks.
> * Shoggoth: You can never go wrong with the Mythos.  Besides, we can  
> then have *really* cryptic comments which invoke curses and such  
> when read aloud.
> * Alpha: Just to confuse the heck out of everybody.  "So, you have a  
> beta release of an alpha release? Eh?"
> * Three of Nine.  'nuff said to all dem trekkies out there.  Though  
> then we have to release during 2009 or the joke goes stale.
> * Sumea: The Finnish word for "fuzzy", designating the fact that  
> we've got no idea when this is ready...
> Just some ideas off the top of my head waiting for the kid to fall  
> asleep...
> /Janne
> On 25 Feb 2009, at 23:59, Andrew Jaquith wrote:
>> I'm kind of envious at the fun the Ubuntu folks have naming their
>> verisons: Feisty Fawn, Breezy Badger. Now, we wouldn't need to
>> alliterate, but it seems to me that a code-name for JSPWiki version 3
>> would be good.
>> Any thoughts? I'd suggest "Priha" if it weren't already taken.:)
>> As an alternative, I might suggest "Wolverine" -- because we're
>> slashing up the code-base, and in heroic fashion.
>> Granted, this isn't really a high priority, but I thought it might be
>> a fun exercise to brainstorm some ideas.
>> Andrew

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