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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: JCR integration
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 19:42:28 GMT
> However, storing the Node in the WikiPage is obviously just a speed  
> optimization.  These two statements are equivalent:
> m_node.getProperty("foo").getString();
> and
> m_engine 
> .getContentManager 
> ().getJCRSession 
> ().getRootNode().getNode(m_jcrPath).getProperty("foo").getString();
> or even
> m_engine 
> .getContentManager 
> ().getJCRSession().getByUUID(m_uuid).getProperty("foo").getString();

I benchmarked these two.  On Priha, to my great surprise, the latter  
method is 25 times faster than the simple getProperty().

However, on Jackrabbit, the former is about 5 times faster.

So this is a fairly important decision which is going to have a huge  
impact on the performance of JSPWiki 3.0.  Unfortunately, these  
results are wildly different, so it's really hard to say what the  
correct solution is.  One option is to find a least-common- 
denominator: use the ThreadLocal method, but still mark WikiPages as  
uncacheable.  This allows us to change strategy without really  
breaking anything in the future.

(Interestingly, getProperty() is about 3.5 times faster on Jackrabbit  
than on Priha; but calling getJCRSession().getItem(path) is on the  
order of 30 times faster on Priha than on Jackrabbit... Clearly  
different optimization priorities (and caching strategies) there.)


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