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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject New migration tool coming
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 14:33:48 GMT

I got frustrated with the labor intensiveness of moving and renaming
message keys in all of our localized bundles, so I decided to do
something about it. Last night I coded up 'BundleMigrator', which will
copy, move, rename or delete message keys from or between resource
bundles, in bulk.

The core code works beautifully, though there's no interface per se.
Tonight I'll write a command-line interface. Any preferences? I'm
thinking of something like this:

BundleMigrator rename src/i18n/CoreResources error.oldname error.newname
BundleMigrator delete src/i18n/CoreResources error.oldname
BundleMigrator copy src/i18n/CoreResources src/i18n/templates/default
BundleMigrator move src/i18n/CoreResources src/i18n/templates/default

Another consideration: because we also have the ability to parse and
modify JSPs (JSPMigrator), it would also be a fairly simple thing to
add a 'find' command:

BundleMigrator -jsp src/webdocs find error.oldname

...although grep works pretty well for this also.



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