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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Re: WikiName normalization
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2009 21:13:49 GMT
> Hm?  I thought I wrote the rules out already... What is missing, to
> be exact?

You're right, I've found them at the end of the page.

>> Regarding backwards compatibility, I'd recommend ignoring old special
>> cases (where existing) in favor of allowing for simple rules for 3.0+.

> I thought that's what I said in the proposal :)

> The only thing really to wonder about is the english plurals -
> setting.  There's some annoying magic in ReferenceManager to make  
> sure that "TestPage" and "TestPages" are considered same objects.

>> Especially the hidden platform dependencies, which are obviously
>> existing in the file-based provider up to 2.8 should be eliminated.

> These are more or less errors, not really features.

Ok, that's fine then :-) However, I think the proposal is lacking some
clear words on under which conditions a link is case sensitive or not.
To me it seems as if this is somehow dependent of and implied in the
tryBeautified switch...

>> * The simple way: Implement some fallback rules in wiki page lookup in
>>   order not to break existing links. If feasible, the corresponding  
>> code
>>   should be marked as being for this purpose only.
>>   Problem: What if some old link isn't valid any more and therefore
>>   gets permanently redirected by this code? Then, someone creates a
>>   new page whose name is just this old link's name. This would break
>>   the old link without touching it directly.

> Could you elaborate on that?  The current recommendation to create  
> links (2.8) is to simply put them inside brackets.  For example,  
> [This is a page] creates a link to a wikipage called "This is a  
> page".  In 2.4 and previously, this would actually create a link to  
> "ThisIsAPage".

> Our current implementation checks first for the existence of "This is
> a page", and then for backwards compatibility reasons,  
> "ThisIsAPage".  However, internally, these pages are not considered  
> the same, so it is possible to create "This is a page" even when  
> "ThisIsAPage" exists, and the new page will then take precedence.

> Because *most* of the links at are these backwards  
> compatible forms, I don't think we can throw it away.  However, what  
> we can do is to make it a configuration item.

Sorry... Having read your mail and thinking about it again, I realized
that I've been mixing this up with the current case insensitivity
"errors" when running 2.8 on a windows machine.

Another thing I didn't mention in my last mail is the wiki:title.
Which benefits do we have from maintaining this extra property, which
seems to be always automatically changed along with the page name?


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