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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: WikiName normalization
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2008 14:49:59 GMT
> I had a lot of trouble with WikiNormalization in 2.4. I strongly  
> support the idea of removing most constraints (for instance, most  
> Unicode printable characters should be allowed). I support the idea  
> of removing duplicated spaces.
> A small addition to your rules: I think it most of the time helps  
> to remove spaces at beginining and at end of page names.

Yes, of course.  We, in fact, should be doing this right now, but  
it's not been written anywhere.  You can probably create a page like  
that through the API or by cleverly manipulating the Edit.jsp  

> May be the normalizer should be made "pluggable" with CamelCase  
> being one of those provided ?

Mediawiki (which powers Wikipedia) has a simple regexp for filtering  
out illegal characters.  At the moment it is as follows:

"The list of illegal characters is as follows: #<>[]|{}, non- 
printable characters 0 through 31, and 'delete' character 127)."

Everything else is allowed in wiki names.  I think that if they can  
do it and have no problems, we can do it too.

My proposal, basing it on John's and Murray's input.

> One problem is links from outside applications: when you rename a  
> page, JspWiki renames the internal links but obviously cannot  
> rename external references. With all JCR and WikiNames discussions,  
> may I suggest to have a version number attached to a name and to  
> use it within a "PermaLink" URL? This version number would be the  
> version at which the page name was last changed (0 would indicate  
> the page never changed its name, none would indicate the "latest"  
> name for backward compatibility). A separate history of page names  
> would be kept and would allow to redirect external links to the  
> right latest page name. Does such a mechanism exist in JCR?

I am not sure whether that makes sense - if you reference Wikipedia's  
article on "Motley Crue", I would assume that you would want to  
reference that particular page in general, not just a version of it.

JCR uses UUIDs to reference pages, so version histories do also store  
renames.  If we use that feature, that is.


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