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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: WikiName
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:13:00 GMT
Murray Altheim wrote:
> The presence of whitespace in page names will (to my mind) be only
> made worse with the possibility of whitespace in path/directory/
> namespace names. Users generally do not want to deal with these
> kinds of issues, and they have a heck of a time with "%20" showing
> up in paths and URLs that they sometimes have to type or otherwise
> share with others.

I also thought to add that the TagPlugin requires that the tag name
be a wiki page name. That way, all tags are always resolvable to the
definition as found on the page. However, if the page name includes
whitespace, there is no way currently to handle the spaces (in the
tag parser), nor would I want to have users dealing with learning
how to escape whitespace in names. Then there's that previously
mentioned issue of having two pages whose names only differ in

[I'd thought you'd at some point mentioned some way of turning off
this whitespace-in-name "feature" but I can't find that documented



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